Transforming Technologies: COREX – A Leading Specialist Distributor in Connectivity, Renewable Energy, and Cybersecurity

Founded in 2003, COREX has undergone a transformative journey, transitioning from a legacy components and gaming PC business, to a specialist distributor focused on connectivity. Today, we are emerging as a company with a strong emphasis on renewable energy, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. Our diverse product lineup follows an ABCDE strategy, encompassing AIoT, Broadband, Components, Drones, and Energy. In an era where technology has become commoditized, we strive to bring added value to our business partners by developing deep domain knowledge and becoming subject matter experts. This enables us to provide superior insights into customer’s needs and allow us to cater to various verticals effectively.

We have established partnerships with key vendors that provide us the ability to deliver exceptional solutions. These include H3C for enterprise networking, Ruijie for SMB networking, QNAP for storage solutions, Sangfor for ICT Cloud Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, TP-Link for Smart Home & IoT products, SUNMI for handheld payment and logistics devices, and Partnertech for POS and Kiosk solutions. Furthermore, we have successfully launched two robust in-house brands: Rogueware to offer gaming PCs, components, and peripherals, and NAVA Solar to provide trolley inverters, residential solutions, commercial and industrial Energy Storage Systems, as well as hybrid single-phase low voltage and three-phase high voltage inverters.

For more detailed information about our extensive product offerings, we invite you to explore the subcategories on our website or reach out to our dedicated sales representatives. They will be delighted to provide you with further assistance and support.